Granite Gear Sawtooth

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If you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking a versatile and dependable backpack for your next adventure, look no further than the Granite Gear Sawtooth. This top-of-the-line product offers ample storage space, comfort, and durable features — all tailored to satisfy your needs while out in the wild. Join us as we delve into the world of Granite Gear and explore what makes the Sawtooth backpack a truly exceptional choice for all your backpacking endeavors.

The Top 18 Best Granite Gear Sawtooth

  1. Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack: Versatile, Durable Adventure Companion — Experience ultimate comfort with the Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack, featuring a custom A.C. frame, dual-density shoulder harness, and removable compartment — all designed for ultimate durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. Granite Gear Thwart Bag — Durable, Comfortable Canoe Trip Companion — Experience the ultimate comfort and durability with Granite Gear’s Traditional Portage 98L Backpack for your next canoe adventure.
  3. Ultralight, Comfortable Granite Gear Crown2 Limited Edition 60L Backpack — Experience the perfect blend of sleek, minimalist, and comfortable with the Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack, offering top-notch features and advanced technology at an impressive 2.2 lbs weight.
  4. Granite Gear Perimeter 35 — Ultralight Backpack with Adjustable Suspension — The Granite Gear Perimeter 35 is a highly customizable, lightweight backpack with innovative suspension, catering to hikers and backpackers of all shapes and sizes while providing ample storage space and hydration compatibility.
  5. Sawtooth 45 Coyote Hunting Backpack with Guide Light Frame — Experience unparalleled comfort and organization with the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Coyote Large, perfect for your backcountry hunting adventures.
  6. Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack — Robust Hunting Frame — Experience the ultimate blend of durability and convenience with the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack, designed for backcountry hunters with premium features like a 270-degree zipper access, rigid frame system, and innovative organization options.
  7. Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack — Optifade Subalpine Overload Shelf Hunting Gear — The Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack offers a convenient 270° zipper access, lightweight SJ Autolock buckles, and impressive organization for seamless backcountry hunting adventures.
  8. Ultralight, Versatile, and Adjustable Crown 60L Backpack by Granite Gear — Discover unparalleled customization and ultralight comfort in the Granite Gear Crown 60L Backpack, the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking versatility and performance.
  9. Milwaukee Reinforced Jobsite Backpack with 35 Pockets and Laptop Compartment — The Milwaukee reinforced jobsite backpack provides robust storage solutions for heavy-duty tasks, featuring 35 pockets, ergonomic shoulder straps, and a laptop compartment for security and accessibility.
  10. Ultra-Light Granite Gear Virga3 Backpack for Hiking and Backpacking — The Granite Gear Virga3 55L Backpack offers a seamless balance of ultralight design without sacrificing durability, making it a standout option for adventurers seeking optimal performance and eco-conscious features.
  11. Warm & Cozy Granite Gear Sawtooth Sleeping Bag — Long — Experience cozy camping with the Marmot Men’s Sawtooth Sleeping Bag — Long, featuring 650-fill-power down, a roomy footbox, and eco-friendly fabrics.
  12. Marmot Helium 15 Sleeping Bag: 650-Fill-Power, Semi-Rectangular, and Extra Comfort — Comfortable and durable Marmot Sawtooth 15 degrees Sleeping Bag, offering excellent down warmth and insulation with a roomy footbox, while maintaining an eco-friendly approach using recycled fiber in its surface and lining fabrics.
  13. Specialized Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready Tire: Adventure-Ready Granite Gear Tire with GRIPTON Compound — Experience ultimate off-road adventure with the Specialized Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready tire, featuring reinforced casing, GRIPTON compound, and the convenience of tubeless setup!
  14. Stylish, Lightweight Hiking Shoes: Oboz Sawtooth X Low — Experience the ultimate in comfort, performance, and durability with the Oboz Men’s Sawtooth X Low Hiking Shoes, featuring an oil nubuck and Cordura Fabric mesh, TPU heel counter, 100% RPET Repreve Laces, and micro-injected PU window.
  15. Premium Nubuck Hiking Shoe for Rugged Adventures — Experience ultimate comfort and support on the trail with the Oboz Men’s Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoe, featuring a premium leather upper, O FIT insole, and nylon shank for added stability.
  16. Vintage-Inspired Electric Guitar with Custom Relic Finishes — Unleash the story of a seasoned guitarist with the Sawtooth ES Relic Electric Guitar, featuring an aged Americana look, high-quality Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups, and a sleek 5-way selector switch.
  17. Professional-Grade Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain, Tiles, Granite, and More — Experience superior, chip-free cutting with the SHDIATOOL 4.5-inch Diamond Saw Blade, designed to cut porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, and brick for a flawless finish every time.
  18. Durable Oboz Sawtooth X Mid Hiking Boot for Men — Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with the Granite Gear Sawtooth Men’s Hiking Boot, designed to tackle tough trails with waterproof protection and enhanced durability.


Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack: Versatile, Durable Adventure Companion


I recently had the chance to put the Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack through its paces on a weekend camping trip. As a regular backpacker, I was impressed with this pack’s comfort and durability.

One of the highlights of this backpack for me was its adjustable torso length. I could easily make the pack fit comfortably, and I didn’t experience any discomfort throughout the trip. The internal frame also added to the stability of the pack, especially when carrying heavier loads.

While the Blaze 60 had plenty of room for all my gear, I found the access to the main compartment to be a bit of a challenge at times. The vertical zipper offered quick access to the pack’s contents, but I often found myself fumbling with it as I tried to navigate through my belongings.

On the plus side, the hip belt pockets were excellent for storing snacks and other small essentials. The DWR treated zip on the removable compartment made it a convenient and secure spot for my water bottle, keeping it from bouncing around in the side pocket.

Overall, I had a great experience with the Granite Gear Blaze 60 Backpack. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and well-designed for outdoor adventures. While some features might take a bit of getting used to, the pack’s pros far outweigh its cons, making it a top choice for my next camping trip.

Granite Gear Thwart Bag — Durable, Comfortable Canoe Trip Companion


I recently had the chance to use Granite Gear’s Traditional Portage 98L Backpack on a long canoe trip, and it quickly became one of my go-to pieces of gear. The rugged Cordura fabric is built to withstand all sorts of weather, and the padded hip belt and shoulder straps ensure that I can hit the water and the trails in comfort.

One of my favorite features is the large external storage sleeve, which allows me to keep items like snacks and a rain jacket handy without having to rummage through the pack. The top-loading design also comes in handy when it’s time to pack up at camp, and the adjustable side straps mean I can easily make space for any extra gear if needed.

That being said, I did find that there were a couple of minor drawbacks. The hip strap was a bit short for my 6'2" frame, and I had to make a few adjustments during longer portages. However, with a little customization, these minor issues were easily overcome. My only other complaint is that the exterior pocket zipper can be a bit tricky to open sometimes, but overall, it’s a small price to pay for such a versatile and durable pack.

Overall, I’m happy with my experience with this Granite Gear Traditional Portage 98L Backpack and can confidently say that it’s a great investment for any long canoe or camping trip. The pack’s intuitive design and comfortable features make it a pleasure to use in the great outdoors.

Ultralight, Comfortable Granite Gear Crown2 Limited Edition 60L Backpack


The Granite Gear Crown 2 Limited Edition 60L Backpack is a reliable and sleek option for outdoor enthusiasts. With a voluminous yet lightweight design, this backpack is perfect for those who want a minimalist yet efficient pack for their hikes or camping trips. Upon using the product, I noticed its comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, providing optimal support for my load.

The waist belt also offers a secure fit, making it convenient to carry over long distances. While the backpack’s design is simple and straightforward, it lacks certain features such as a hydration bladder pocket or rain fly cover, which could be useful for some users.

Overall, the Granite Gear Crown 2 is a well-built backpack with a few limitations, but it remains a decent choice for those seeking a versatile and practical pack for their outdoor adventures.

Granite Gear Perimeter 35 — Ultralight Backpack with Adjustable Suspension


I recently tested the Granite Gear Thwart Bag while on a backpacking trip in the mountains. This pack boasts an innovative internal frame system with adjustable torso lengths and shoulder widths, providing a comfortable fit for a range of body types. The pack is made from high-tenacity Robic nylon, making it durable and resistant to scratches and tears, even after hours of rugged hiking.

One of the standout features of the Thwart Bag is the easy access to multiple compartments, eliminating the need for digging through your gear. The pack also comes with a removable lid flap, perfect for those seeking a more minimalist approach. The hydration-compatible design allows for a convenient drinking tube pass-through, making it easier to stay hydrated throughout your adventure.

While the Thwart Bag offers a good amount of storage for essential gear, there were a few cons to be aware of. The pack felt a bit heavy for my tastes, and the side pockets were not quite large enough for my larger water bottles. Additionally, the many straps and buckles could be overwhelming for some users, requiring a bit more patience to cinch down properly.

Overall, the Granite Gear Thwart Bag is an impressive pack that offers a comfortable fit, easy access to gear, and valuable hydration compatibility. It’s a great option for weekend backpackers seeking a high-quality pack that can stand up to the rigors of the trail.

Sawtooth 45 Coyote Hunting Backpack with Guide Light Frame


Imagine having a go-to bag that can easily accommodate your all-day hunting necessities, providing ample space for your gear and meat, all while being comfortable and easy to adjust. That’s what the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Coyote Large brought to the table for me during my hunting season.

The first thing I noticed was its low-profile silhouette, allowing me to seamlessly transition from wearing it as a backpack to packing out my harvest or gear with ease. The roomy interior allowed me to comfortably stow all my hunting gear, and I could even fit an overnight or two-day trip’s essentials if I packed light.

The zippered top accessory pocket came in handy during my hunts, as I was able to quickly access essential items without disrupting the rest of my gear. The internal pockets provided organization, which was especially helpful when preparing for long overnighter trips.

One of the things I appreciated most was the bow and rifle carry via compression straps, a feature that was simple and effective. The design of the pack made it incredibly stable over rough terrain and fresh snow, allowing me to secure my load in the backcountry with confidence.

Although I haven’t experienced it myself, I can see the value of the frame’s Quick Attach straps for hauling antlers or extra gear. The hydration reservoir compatibility was another useful feature, especially during long days in the wilderness.

What’s the downside? Well, there’s always that feeling of heaviness when you’re packing out big game or gear. This pack is no exception, but it sure handled it well! I did notice a slight difference in comfort when wearing it for extended periods, but nothing unbearable or distracting.

In the end, the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Coyote Large proved to be a reliable companion on my hunting adventures. Its high-quality construction, innovative features, and excellent design made it worthy of the “Excellent pack earned it’s keep! “ praise from other users.

Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack — Robust Hunting Frame


I recently tried out the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack Foliage, and it exceeded my expectations. The 270-degree duffel-style access was so convenient when I needed to quickly grab something from the main compartment, and the side stretch outer pockets came in handy for extra storage. The pack carried extremely well once I had it adjusted for my torso length and weight, and it handled the task of hauling out game just as efficiently.

The adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt provided a comfortable fit, and the high-quality materials ensured durability. Overall, it’s a reliable, versatile, and comfortable pack for all your hunting adventures.

Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack — Optifade Subalpine Overload Shelf Hunting Gear


The Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack is an excellent investment for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. This pack’s low-profile design and unique 270° zipper access make it perfect for backcountry hunts and fast weekend trips. The Guide Light MT Frame is both strong and lightweight, offering stability and support for heavy loads.

I recently used this backpack during a demanding elk hunt. The adjustable shoulder straps and thick padding helped distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on my back. The convenient side pockets allowed me to store snacks, a water bottle, and other essentials. The bottom straps were perfect for packing a sleeping bag, while the external compression loops easily accommodated my rifle.

One of the standout features was the compatibility with antlers and other gear, thanks to the quick attach straps. I found that the meat shelf provided a sturdy and secure place to hold any large game I brought back, ensuring a safe and comfortable haul.

Although the Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 Backpack may be slightly pricier than some of its competitors, the high-quality materials and thoughtful design make it a worthwhile investment. Overall, the backpack is both comfortable and functional, providing a reliable companion for all your hunting adventures.

Ultralight, Versatile, and Adjustable Crown 60L Backpack by Granite Gear


The Granite Gear Crown 3 60L Backpack has been a game-changer in my outdoor adventures. As a seasoned backpacker, I was initially drawn to its ultralight design without compromising on comfort and durability. The fully adjustable Re-Fit hip belt ensures a personalized and secure fit, making long hikes more comfortable. The Vapor Current Mark 3 compression molded PE frame sheet with molded foam back panel provides excellent support and ventilation, keeping me cool during strenuous treks.

One of the standout features of the Crown 3 60 is its versatility. The removable lid can be converted into a chest pack or lumbar pack, allowing me to carry essentials while leaving my hands free to tackle challenging trails. The frame sheet can also be easily removed, further reducing the total weight to just 2lbs. Every ounce counts when you’re on the move, and this backpack truly delivers on its promise of being ultralight without compromising on functionality.

Although the product has received a 4.5 rating on Google, there are a few aspects that I would like to see improved. The main compartment does not have a dedicated pocket for a water reservoir, instead opting for a clip to suspend the reservoir. I would prefer a larger clip to keep the reservoir securely in place while loading and unloading the main compartment. Additionally, the hip belt pockets could be slightly larger to accommodate larger smartphones. Finally, a car key clip in the brain would be a useful addition.

Overall, the Granite Gear Crown 3 60L Backpack has proven to be an excellent companion for my outdoor adventures. Its customizable features, lightweight design, and exceptional comfort make it a must-have for adventurers seeking a balance between performance and convenience.

Milwaukee Reinforced Jobsite Backpack with 35 Pockets and Laptop Compartment


Imagine working on a job site that requires you to carry a variety of tools and equipment, and you need to move quickly from one place to another. You need a storage solution that is durable, spacious, and easy to carry. Enter the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack (48–22–8200) — it’s the perfect storage solution for you.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this backpack is its rugged 1680 DEN ballistic nylon construction. It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of a busy job site, and it’s designed to protect your tools from dirt and moisture. The robust plastic base provides a secure footing, giving you the confidence to move quickly from one task to another.

The Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack comes with padded, breathable shoulder straps that are designed for high user comfort. This is important, as you don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy backpack that’s uncomfortable to wear.

On the inside, you’ll find a large interior compartment with 35 pockets, giving you plenty of space to store all your tools and equipment. The fold-down front makes it easy to store larger items, and the side compartment is perfect for storing drinks bottles.

A vertical interior divider with compartments allows you to neatly store your tools, and the laptop compartment keeps your laptop or tablet safe and secure. The front easy-access compartment is great for storing additional items, and the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack is even suitable for students looking for an efficient storage solution.

Of course, no product is perfect, and the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack has its drawbacks. The zippers and zipper tracks seem to fail after around 2 years of daily use, and some users have reported stitching coming undone after only a few months. However, despite these minor issues, the backpack has a 3.9 rating based on 376 reviews, which indicates that users generally find it to be a useful and reliable storage solution.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a rugged, spacious, and comfortable backpack to store your tools and equipment, the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack is definitely worth considering. With its numerous pockets and compartments, it’s a versatile storage solution that will keep you organized and productive, no matter where you’re working.

Ultra-Light Granite Gear Virga3 Backpack for Hiking and Backpacking


Imagine returning from a hiking trip with your Granite Gear Virga3 55L backpack, the epitome of lightweight convenience. Every feature of this backpack is designed with the ultralight enthusiast in mind, and it truly shines when you’re carrying it for long distances.

The dual-density shoulder harness, along with its load-lifter straps and removable sternum straps, provides the perfect balance of support and comfort, even when you’re carrying a heavy load. The re-Fit fully adjustable dual-density hip belt is another remarkable feature, accommodating waist sizes ranging from 26 to 42 inches, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

The side fabric pockets with cinch closure, along with the stretch mesh front pocket, offer ample storage space for extra gear, snacks, or a water bottle. The pair of elastic bottle holders on the shoulder straps is an added bonus for those who like to stay hydrated on the go.

One of the most impressive aspects of this backpack is its undyed colorway, which uses 98% undyed fabrics and materials. Not only does this reduce water waste by 55% in materials, but it also gives the backpack a more environmentally friendly touch.

While the Virga3 55L backpack is lightweight and comfortable, it may not be the best choice for those who prefer a traditional framed backpack. However, for those who value weight savings and durability without compromising functionality, this backpack truly stands out in the ultralight category.

Warm & Cozy Granite Gear Sawtooth Sleeping Bag — Long


The Marmot Men’s Sawtooth Sleeping Bag, a long-time favorite of campers and backpackers, has been an essential part of many chilly nights. I’ve used this bag on multiple trips, and each time, I’m impressed by its warmth and durability.

One of the most impressive features is the fill power of the bag — 650-fill-power down. This provides enough insulation to keep even the coldest campers warm. The dual-side zips are a game-changer, allowing for easy entry and exit without leaving the bag unzipped.

The footbox on the bag is also noteworthy. It’s a versatile feature that can be opened for additional space or zipped up for added warmth. The surface and lining fabrics are made of recycled fiber, giving this bag an eco-friendly touch.

However, there are some downsides to this bag. The water-resistant down, while useful, can also make it more challenging to break down and store. Additionally, the weight of the bag might be a bit heavy for some, but it’s a small price to pay for the insulation and warmth it provides.

Overall, the Marmot Men’s Sawtooth Sleeping Bag, Long, is a great choice for campers looking for a reliable and cozy sleeping bag. Its warmth, durability, and eco-friendly materials make it a standout option in the market.

Marmot Helium 15 Sleeping Bag: 650-Fill-Power, Semi-Rectangular, and Extra Comfort


The Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag has been a reliable companion on my camping adventures. Its 650-fill-power duck down insulation and water-resistant Down Defender treatment make it perfect for all-around performance, even on colder nights. The shell is made from durable nylon, and the lofty fill keeps me comfortably warm without feeling weighed down.

One of the standout features is the dual zippers, which allow for temperature regulation and easy access. The footbox is roomy and has a heater pocket for added comfort. The nautilus multi-baffle hood with a drawcord is another feature that I appreciate as it keeps heat from escaping.

The fit is comfortable, with a generous cut that accommodates my size, and the shell’s nautilus multi-baffle design ensures insulation remains in place. I also appreciate the internal stash pocket for small items and the attention to detail in its construction.

While the price may seem a bit high, I find the Marmot Sawtooth to be a worthwhile investment for its quality and performance. I would highly recommend this sleeping bag to anyone in search of a reliable and comfortable shelter on their camping adventures.

Specialized Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready Tire: Adventure-Ready Granite Gear Tire with GRIPTON Compound


The Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready is an incredible adventure tire from Specialized. I’ve been using it in a variety of terrains, from pavement to gravel, and it’s truly a versatile tire. The Endurant casing is not only durable but also perfect for heavy load carrying. The GRIPTON compound provides excellent grip and control, and the reinforced center tread ensures long-lasting performance.

One of the standout features for me is that the tire can be set up tubeless, offering the benefits of lower pressure and enhanced grip without the risk of flats. It’s a game-changer for off-road riding. The only downside I’ve noticed is that the tire can be a bit heavy, and it’s not the best for tight single-track trails.

Despite the minor drawbacks, the Specialized Sawtooth 2Bliss Ready tire is an outstanding choice for any adventure cyclist. Its durability, traction, and versatility make it a top pick in the market.

Stylish, Lightweight Hiking Shoes: Oboz Sawtooth X Low


I recently got myself a pair of Oboz Men’s Sawtooth X Low Hiking Shoes in the Hazy Gray color. I’ve been using these for quite some time now, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer for me. I usually go for hikes in the rough terrains of the countryside and these shoes have provided me with the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and functionality.

The first thing that stood out to me was the oiled nubuck feature. It really gives the shoes a premium, polished look and makes them extremely comfortable, especially for long periods of wear. I also appreciate the ventilated mesh that allows my feet to breathe and stay cool during intense hikes.

However, I do have to admit that the fit of the shoes wasn’t exactly perfect for me. I had to go up half a size from what I usually wear, and while they fit snugly, it took a while for me to get used to. And speaking of snug, the shoes felt quite tight initially, which made walking a little uncomfortable in the beginning.

But overall, I’m really pleased with my purchase. The excellent traction and stability, combined with the sleek design, make these shoes a real winner. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable hiking companion that can withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

Premium Nubuck Hiking Shoe for Rugged Adventures


When you hit the trails, make sure your feet are prepared with the Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoe. These sturdy yet lightweight shoes come with a breathable mesh and a nubuck leather upper, giving them a premium look and feel to start off with. The O FIT insole delivers cushioned comfort for every step, while the nylon shank provides added support for your hikes.

Personally, I’ve been using these shoes for a couple of months, and I have to say I’ve been impressed. The Sawtooth II Low provides a comfortable fit right out of the box without the need for extensive breaking-in. The breathable mesh paneling comes in handy during longer hikes, keeping my feet cool and dry. The nylon shank offered good stability during my hikes, and the O FIT insole added that extra touch of comfort to each step.

However, there were a few things that I found could be improved. The seam near the big toe joint on one of the shoes caused discomfort, and I had to adjust my lacing to accommodate. Another point to note is that these shoes could be slightly heavier than some other hiking shoes on the market, which isn’t a deal-breaker for me but might be a consideration for others.

Despite these small criticisms, the Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoe has been a reliable companion on my adventures. The combination of comfort, stability, and durability make it a shoe I’d gladly recommend to fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Vintage-Inspired Electric Guitar with Custom Relic Finishes


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Sawtooth ES Relic Electric Guitar in Surf Green with Tortoise Pickguard. From the moment I picked it up, I could sense the rich history behind this guitar. The custom relic alder body, with its 3-ply tortoise pickguard, gave off an air of authenticity, as if this guitar had truly been through some wear and tear.

The aged maple neck, with a nut width of 43mm, and the aged maple fretboard provided a smooth playing experience that was both comfortable and responsive. The 25.5" scale length, along with the 22 medium jumbo frets, allowed for precise and accurate play, while the Sawtooth designed Alnico pickups offered a range of tones that catered to various musical styles.

One aspect I particularly appreciated was the classic tremolo bridge, which provided stability and control during my playing sessions. The 5-way selector switch, paired with the 2 volume and 1 tone control, allowed for seamless adjustments to my sound. The neck radius of 12" provided an ergonomic fit, making it effortless to play for extended periods.

While the guitar had its fair share of positives, there were a few minor drawbacks. For instance, the scars and scratches on the body were a bit too noticeable, making me slightly hesitant to use it in more formal settings. Additionally, the pickups could have been a bit more balanced, with some noticeable distortion at higher volumes.

Overall, the Sawtooth ES Relic Electric Guitar was a unique and versatile instrument that I enjoyed playing. Its aged look, combined with its smooth playing experience and varied tones, made it a standout choice among electric guitars. While there were a few areas for improvement, the pros far outweighed the cons, making this guitar a solid option for any guitarist in search of a versatile and authentic playing experience.

Professional-Grade Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain, Tiles, Granite, and More


I’ve been using the SHDIATOOL diamond saw blade to cut through various materials like porcelain tile, ceramic, granite, and even tougher stuff like marble and brick. The blade measures 4.5 inches in diameter with a bore of 22.2 millimeters, and its diamond height is 10 millimeters with a segment thickness of 1.2 millimeters, making it perfect for both dry and wet cutting.

One of the features I appreciate most is its compatibility with a 7/8-inch arbor, allowing for more versatility in cutting height. I’ve noticed that the 32mm cutting height has worked incredibly well, leaving me with sharp, clean edges. The blade also contains a reinforced ring core, which greatly improves stability during cutting and helps me achieve better results overall.

Additionally, this blade is hot-pressed and boasts a very high quality diamond grain, promising a long working life. However, I would caution that these blades can get quite abrasive, so be sure to wear proper safety gear, such as safety glasses and gloves, to protect yourself during the cutting process. Despite the slight downside, I believe that this SHDIATOOL diamond saw blade is a great tool for anyone looking to tackle a wide range of cutting jobs.

Durable Oboz Sawtooth X Mid Hiking Boot for Men


The Oboz Sawtooth X Mid B-Dry Men’s hiking boots have been a trusty companion in my outdoor adventures. Right from the start, I appreciated the supportive mid-rise cuff and the cushioned midsole that adapts to different terrains. The boot’s traction is excellent, and it allows me to tackle diverse environments with ease.

One feature that really stands out is the B-Dry waterproof membrane, keeping my feet dry and comfortable even on rainy days. However, I should mention that the proprietary rubberized EVA midsole takes a while to break in compared to other hiking boots.

Although the overall construction and performance of these boots are top-notch, there have been instances where the rubber toe cap has peeled off, and the material above the toes has been a bit too stiff. Despite these minor hiccups, I have been able to rely on these boots for a good hike without having to worry about my feet getting soaked or discomfort.

Buyer’s Guide

Granite Gear Sawtooth is a range of gear designed for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable, durable, and versatile products for their adventures. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or backpacking, the Sawtooth line offers a range of options to suit your needs. Before making your purchase, it’s essential to consider the features and factors that will make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss important features, considerations, and general advice for the Granite Gear Sawtooth product category.


Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are essential factors when investing in outdoor gear. Granite Gear Sawtooth products are known for their long-lasting design and high build quality. Look for gear that features durable materials and high-quality craftsmanship to ensure it can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.

Weight and Packability

When packing for an outdoor trip, weight and packability are critical factors. Granite Gear Sawtooth products are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and store. Consider products that have been engineered for minimal weight without sacrificing functionality. Look for gear that has a low profile and can be easily folded or compressed when not in use.


Comfort and Adaptability

Comfort is crucial when spending long hours in the great outdoors. Look for Granite Gear Sawtooth products that are designed for comfort and adaptability. Features like adjustable straps, padding, and breathable materials can make a significant difference in your overall experience. Ensuring that the product you choose can be adapted to various conditions will also enhance its versatility.

Functionality and Reliability

Functionality and reliability are important components to consider when purchasing outdoor gear. Granite Gear Sawtooth products are designed to be functional and reliable, with features that are purpose-built for outdoor use. Look for items that have been tested in real-world conditions and that offer essential features for your chosen activities. Ensure the product is reliable and can handle the demands of your adventure.



What is the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack?

The Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is a versatile and durable backpack designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It comes equipped with a variety of convenient features that make it an excellent choice for backpacking, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. The backpack is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and functionality.

Some noteworthy features of the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack include a spacious main compartment, multiple external pockets for easy organization, and adjustable compression straps for a customizable fit. The backpack is also designed with a thoughtful suspension system for ultimate comfort during long treks. Overall, the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack offers a perfect balance of style, practicality, and comfort.


What sizes and colors are available for the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack?

The Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is available in two sizes: a 48-liter and a 60-liter capacity. These sizes cater to a variety of outdoor needs, whether you are headed out for a weekend camping trip or a multi-day backpacking expedition. The backpack is also offered in several vibrant color options to suit your personal style and preferences.

For the 48-liter model, customers can choose from colors such as red, blue, and green. As for the 60-liter model, options include red, green, and a sleek black finish. Regardless of the size and color you select, the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack ensures function and style in every adventure you embark on.

What materials are used to make the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack?

The Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is crafted using a combination of high-quality and durable materials. The primary material used is lightweight and robust nylon, ensuring the backpack is both long-lasting and user-friendly. Additional details, such as the zippers and buckles, are made from rust-resistant materials to maintain functionality even in rough outdoor conditions.

Moreover, this backpack is equipped with a 210D robic nylon face fabric, which not only adds to its durability but also enhances its water resistance, making it perfect for those seeking to venture into damp environments. The backpack also includes a 420D high-density nylon, further ensuring its sturdiness and reliability in various weather scenarios.


How does the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack’s suspension system work?

The Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is designed with a thoughtful suspension system that ensures ultimate comfort and support for the wearer’s back. The suspension system is comprised of two main components: the internal frame and the shoulder straps. These elements work together to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly across the user’s torso, alleviating strain and discomfort.

The internal frame is composed of a sturdy aluminum pole, which serves as the spine of the backpack. This component helps maintain the backpack’s shape and ensures it retains its structure even when loaded with heavy gear. In addition, the shoulder straps are adjustable, enabling the wearer to customize the fit and eliminate potential pressure points.

What features does the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack have to ensure user safety?

The Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is equipped with a range of features that prioritize user safety. One such feature is the reflective accents, which enhance visibility during low-light conditions or when traversing through darker terrains. The backpack also includes multiple external lashing points, allowing users to secure additional gear or accessories safely to the exterior.

Furthermore, the backpack’s sturdy construction and durable materials ensure that it can withstand the rigors of the outdoors without compromising its safety or functionality. This attention to detail in the backpack’s design makes the Granite Gear Sawtooth a reliable and safe option for any outdoor enthusiast.

How can I clean and maintain my Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack?

Maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is essential to ensure optimal performance and durability. To clean the backpack, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent and warm water. Gently rub the solution onto the backpack’s surface using a sponge or soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the backpack to air dry away from direct sunlight to prevent any discoloration or damage to the materials.

Regarding any damage or wear that may occur over time, the Granite Gear Sawtooth backpack is designed with replaceable parts. This means that should any component need replacement, it can be removed and replaced efficiently, allowing the user to enjoy years of use from their backpack without needing to replace the entire item.